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Triskele brings together a wealth of expertise in the SAP and EPC consultancy field. Each of our assessors trained with and worked for the National House Building Council (NHBC), gaining many years of experience working with builder customers and providing solutions to suit their needs.


We have supported the industry to understand and prepare for the changes in building regulations pre 2006 onwards and are fluent with energy efficiency requirements in all parts of the UK (Part L – England/Wales, Section 6 – Scotland, Part F – Northern Ireland). Planning conditions relating to energy efficiency are now common in many areas and our assessors have a proven track record of finding creative solutions and providing reports to demonstrate compliance.


The future of energy efficiency regulations in construction is set to be an interesting one as governing bodies across the UK take steps to meet their climate targets. The construction industry has already taken significant steps in this arena over the past few years and will soon be called upon to do its part once again. At Triskele, we stand ready to support our builder customers through the upcoming changes and look forward to meeting the challenge together.

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