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Energy Statements

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What is an Energy Statement?

(Also known as Energy Strategy Statement or Report) It is not unusual for a planning authority to require a development to meet an energy efficiency target that goes beyond building regulations in some areas. Examples include objectives for renewable energy generation or reducing CO2 emissions by a percentage of the building regs targets. In such circumstances they will often ask the developer to submit a statement that outlines their strategy for achieving the target.

We use SAP Calculations to establish a baseline, determine the overall performance of a development and demonstrate compliance with planning conditions. This allows us to explore a wide range of options from improvements to building fabric, to alternative heating systems and renewable technologies.

Energy Statements to suit your site and satisfy planning conditions

How can Triskele help me?

Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with such requests, providing reports that satisfy planning authorities and inform developers about their options. We work with you, taking your favoured approach into account with supporting evidence and advice on alternatives or cost saving measures.

What else should I know about Energy Statements?

Statements of this nature vary in scope depending on the requirements of local planning policy. Some planners may accept a brief report along with SAP calculations, others will ask for a comprehensive study exploring a wide range of possible efficiency measures.