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U-Value Calculations

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What is a U-Value?

A U-value is the rate at which heat is lost through a thermal element like a wall, floor or roof. It is measured in watts, per degree Celsius (or Kelvin), per square metre (W/m²K). So, if a wall has a U-value of 0.3 W/m²K and it is 21°C inside and 15°C outside (a difference of 6°C), it will be losing heat at a rate of 0.3 x 6 = 1.8 watts per square metre.

In order to calculate a U-value we will need details about the construction: materials to be used, their thickness, and specific product information of insulation or concrete blocks (thermal properties can vary widely for such products). Additional information may be required for more complex constructions.

Good value U-values for walls, floors and roofs.

How can Triskele help me?

We use approved software to calculate U-values tailored to your construction specification and can also provide U-value reports on request. This service is part of our standard package when carrying out SAP Calculations but we also provide U-values separately if required – contact us for details.

What else should I know about U-values?

U-values for proprietary systems like prefabricated dormers are usually provided by the manufacturer but calculations can be carried out on bespoke constructed elements.


Our U-values are calculated in accordance with BR443 conventions.