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Extensions & Conversions

Building regulations compliance for Extensions or Conversions. For a competitive quote, call us now on 07963 936 735 or email us at

Which regulations apply?

Work to extend or convert dwellings, is dealt with under energy efficiency building regulations: Part L1B (England & Wales); Section 6 (Scotland); and Part F (Northern Ireland). These regulations require that certain standards are met when it comes to the provision of Thermal Elements (walls, floors & roofs); Fittings (windows & doors, etc); and Services (heating, ventilation, etc).

Building Control bodies will usually ask for an assessment of the proposed design, and a report confirming compliance with the regulations. That’s where we come in. Our team has many years of experience in carrying out such assessments and providing reports to satisfy conditions.

Regulations compliance for Extensions and Conversions. Our experienced assessors will guide you through the process.

How can Triskele help me?

Our assessors will keep you right about what is needed to meet the requirements of the regulations and offer solutions and advice where standards are not being met. In many circumstances, SAP Calculations may be used to allow for greater flexibility in the design i.e. compensating for a failure to meet one standard by out-performing in another. We offer this service as standard to give you the fullest range of options for your design.

What else should I know about Extensions & Conversions?

One of the more challenging aspects of the regulations requires that the combined area of doors, windows and rooflights does not exceed 25% of the floor area. This can be a major limitation to a design, especially when constructing a heated conservatory. Fortunately, this requirement can be set aside by improving other features of the design and highlights the importance of employing a fully qualified SAP assessor to conduct the assessment.