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New Regulations Support

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What is happening to the regulations?

Part L (England & Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F (Northern Ireland) are all about to change. As part of meeting their climate change targets, the four nations have been consulting on revisions to energy efficiency regulations and the coming years will bring some major changes. The first round of those changes is now imminent, with publication and implementation of new regulations within the coming year. The 2022 uplift will see significant reductions to Target CO2 Emission Rates alongside the introduction of new targets and more challenging standards for individual elements (walls, floors windows, etc).

Transitional arrangements will be unlike previous regulations changes in that they will apply to individual buildings as opposed to whole sites.


You can read more about the upcoming changes here.

Professional advice on meeting the new standard

How can Triskele help me?

Part L1A 2021 (England): We can help you to prepare for the expected changes. Beta software is now available that will allow us to model your designs and compare them against the proposed targets. This will give you valuable insight into the kind of changes that will be needed to make your specifications compliant. We are already working with some of our clients to do exactly that. We recommend selecting a range of typical designs from your portfolio, including detached, semi, mid terraced and apartment types where appropriate, in order to explore the full scope of compliance options.

Standards are yet to be confirmed

SAP 10 methodology and the regulations documents themselves are yet to be confirmed. As a result, work carried out using beta software is only advisory in nature and may be subject to change. Consultation versions of SAP 10.2 and Part L 2021 (England) are now available.